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Upcoming Fate of ‘Prison School’ Season 2: Renewal or Cancellation?


Among the plethora of anime shows that have graced our screens, ‘Prison School’ stands out with its unique blend of humor and risqué scenes. Since its debut in 2015, the show, which is based on Akira Hiramoto’s manga series of the same name, has garnered a loyal fanbase eagerly awaiting the release of a second season. However, the future of ‘Prison School’ remains uncertain, with cryptic statements and speculations surrounding its renewal or possible cancellation.

A Brief Overview of ‘Prison School’

‘Prison School’ is a Japanese anime series that premiered on July 11, 2015. The plot revolves around five boys who enrol in Hachimitsu Private Academy, an all-girls school that has recently started admitting boys. The boys’ perversion lands them in the school’s prison, leading to a series of comic, dramatic, and often raunchy events. The series is known for its explicit content, dark humor, and an engaging storyline that kept viewers hooked to the end. Despite the controversial themes, ‘Prison School’ enjoyed immense popularity and successfully completed its first season with 12 episodes.

Speculations Surrounding Season 2 of ‘Prison School’

Since the finale of season 1, fans have been eagerly awaiting news about the second season of ‘Prison School’. The initial high viewership and positive reviews fueled hope for a second season. However, the anime production company, J.C.Staff, has not officially confirmed any news for the renewal of ‘Prison School’. This silence has led to various speculations. Many fans believe that the second season is in the works, while others fear that the show might be canceled due to a variety of reasons.

Possible Reasons for ‘Prison School’ Cancellation

One of the main reasons speculated for the possible cancellation of ‘Prison School’ is the controversy surrounding its explicit content. While it was a hit among a specific demographic, it also received criticism for its extreme adult themes. Another reason could be the financial aspect. Producing an anime series is an expensive venture, and if the series does not generate enough revenue, it could lead to cancellation. Additionally, the original manga series has ended, and the anime covered most of the storylines, leaving little content for another season.

Potential Signs for ‘Prison School’ Renewal

Despite the speculations of cancellation, there are also potential signs pointing towards a renewal. One such sign is the continued popularity of the series among its dedicated fanbase. Even years after the conclusion of the first season, ‘Prison School’ still enjoys a high demand from its fans who are eager for a sequel. Furthermore, even though the manga has ended, there are still some storylines left untouched by the anime, offering enough content for a new season. Lastly, the fact that J.C.Staff has not officially canceled the series yet, keeps the hope for a renewal alive among fans.

In conclusion, the fate of ‘Prison School’ Season 2 remains in the realm of uncertainty. While the speculations and potential signs indicate both possibilities, the future of the series ultimately lies in the hands of the producers. Whether ‘Prison School’ will return for a second season or bid adieu to its fans remains a thrilling mystery. Regardless of the outcome, the impact and popularity it enjoyed among its viewers are undeniable. Only time will reveal if the doors of the Hachimitsu Private Academy will reopen for another season of humor, chaos, and drama.

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